Krisan has helped us purchase three homes in the Kansas City area. She has been professional, punctual, and prepared for every situation - from recovering my car keys from a wall my child dropped them into to ensuring the lawn was freshly mown on closing day. 

Krisan was professional in that she was of good character (honest, reliable, etc.) but also in that she responded to communications in a timely fashion. She is punctual, but on those rare occasions when she was running behind, she gave us a call to let us know so we weren't left wondering what was going on. Finally, Krisan's experience and preparation show when the unexpected happens (like the seller's door locks are inoperable and won't unlock) or specialized advice is needed (is that knob and tube wiring I see?).

Having used Krisan to buy three homes, I'd happily use her to purchase another. I tell friends, family, and random people I meet about the quality experience I had hiring her, and now I'm sharing it with you!